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Your Pet's Source For Care When You're Away

Goin' to the Dogs Pet Sitting - At your bark and call!

Discerning pet parents are a very particular breed, and rightfully so! You want only the best for your pets, and so do we.


There may be occasions when your pets can't accompany you on a trip, or you have to be away from home all day and can't get back to walk them or give them their necessary potty breaks. That's where Goin' to the Dogs comes in. 


We provide care and compassion for your pets in your home and give you the peace of mind of knowing they are properly taken care of -- and are very loved -- in your absence. Goin' to the Dogs customizes visits that suit you and your pets to a "T." 


We "pawsitively" go the extra mile for you and your pets!


Goin' to the Dogs is bonded and insured with Business Insurers of the Carolinas, certified in pet first aid/CPR, and is a proud member of Pet Sitters International and the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our attentiveness to your pets' needs puts us paws above the rest! We value the importance of your pets maintaining a normal routine and being in a familiar and comfortable environment when you can't be with them. There's no place like home!


Goin' to the Dogs acts as a concierge for your pets -- we're available when you need us. If you run into an issue where you are delayed getting home (late meeting, flight delay, horrendous traffic, etc.), we're there for you. And instead of having to take your pets to doggy day care or to a kennel and worrying about whether you can make it back to pick them up by closing time, let us come to them in the comfort of their own home. Just give us a call or send us a text and we'll take care of things. We're on your schedule.


Stay connected to your pets while you're away from home!


Goin' to the Dogs provides you with up-to-the-minute reports about how your pets are faring while you're away. We'll send you emails or texts -- or give you a call, if you prefer -- to assure you that your pets are safe, happy and healthy. We'll even take a "selfie" photo so that you can see how your pets are doing. Of course, you may contact us anytime to check on how our visits are going.

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